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Explore far-away countries and continents in depth. Get to know and understand fascinating cultures. Thrilling adventures against breathtaking natural backdrops. Relaxed days filled with exclusive taste experiences. Whether on one of our ships or on board our private jet, the ALBERT BALLIN齐发国际路线: with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, you will experience the wonders of this world from completely new, spectacular perspectives. Whichever cruise you choose, as our guest you can look forward to fabulous thrilling moments at sea, ashore and in the air.




齐发国际路线travel with us and your cruise will become the experience of a lifetime. every one of our expeditions enriches your mind and soul. because we draw on decades of expedition expertise and know exactly how to negotiate sensitive nature safely and with complete respect. travel in an expedition class of its own that offers adventure and comfort at the highest level, on a small ship with spectacular routes far from the familiar. whether in polar worlds, the great lakes of north america, the south seas, the russian far east and alaska or on european coasts.

HANSEATIC inspiration



齐发国际路线discover wild, contrasting nature not to be found anywhere else. islands that reveal their secrets during numerous activities.

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Experience the Antarctic on board our new expedition ships HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration 
齐发国际路线and HANSEATIC spirit, with a maximum of 230 guests. 

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International cruises

Our international voyages (English/German) on the EUROPA 2 and on the HANSEATIC inspiration齐发国际路线 ensure that English-speaking passengers feel comfortable from the moment they step on board. All of the documentation, e.g. confirmation, travel documents, handbooks, programmes of the day, menus, announcements and lectures as well as the safety drill and Zodiac instruction will be provided in English. We offer at least one shore excursion in English in each port of call. Approximately three months prior to the start of the cruise you will receive information about the shore excursions available in English.

More information about our international cruises on the EUROPA 2 and the HANSEATIC inspiration can be found in our English catalogues齐发国际路线. All other catalogues are only available in .

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our expedition and luxury cruise ships, each with its own special character, offer hundreds of destinations, on-board and shore programmes with something for everyone whatever the spontaneous mood, attractive cruise combinations, short trips to get your feet wet as well as long voyages for epicures and experts. flexibility and tremendous variety are outstanding characteristics of hapag-lloyd cruises. but one thing never changes: making your personal wishes come true and turning your visions of what a cruise should be into reality are always at the focus of our efforts. we want to make you forget your everyday cares so that you can discover how wonderful it is to live without constantly looking at the clock. a completely new kind of freedom is waiting for you. cruises and expeditions are not only a wonderful way to travel - they are also highly individual.